The World Of Lazy Einstiens

Technology in honour of Lazy Einsteins

Self-Cleaning Fabrics


Via: Trend Hunter

If the only thing that prevents you from putting your clothes on is the fear of having to wash them, self-cleaning fabrics are for you. It is basically a nano particle coating, similar to the one already used to keep windows clear. Self-cleaning technology is not only good for lazy people, but also for the environment as it will help in reducing the consumption of chemicals, such as detergents and dry-cleaning solvents, water, and energy.

Easy Pull-On Sock Aid


Via: Random Good Stuff

With the easy pull-on sock aid, you no longer have to bend down and struggle to put your socks on. All you need to do is to stretch the sock over the support, slowly slide your foot in and pull handles.

Blow Drying Toilet


Via: Trend Hunter

I can’t believe that it’s 21st century and we still have to clean our own ass. Toto’s tankless Neorest AH is a water-saving hybrid toilet that includes warm water and gentle warm-air drying built into the warm seat to wash and dry your behind after use.

Sound Catch Cubic Pillow


Via: Strapya World

Each side of the pillow has a hole to hold the phone receiver which lets you enjoy hours of talking on the phone while lying comfortably on the bed.

Auto Lacing Shoes

Marty McFly might not be the laziest kid on earth, but his auto-lacing shoes are the dream of every lazy soul. An Arduino microcontroller and two servo motors have been used to make that dream come true. When you step inside the shoe, the force sensor feels the additional pressure, adds tension to the lases and tightens the shoe.

Double Beer Helmet


Via: Drinking Stuff

Drinking beer is enjoyable, but holding your beer is a crucifying task. The beer helmet will let you enjoy two beers at the same time while freeing your hands to do better things.

Beer Pouring Robot


Via: Technabob

Asahi Robocco BeerBot can hold up to 6 bottles of beer in its refrigerated belly, and pours you a perfect tall mug of your favorite beverage.

Beer Fetching Robot

Drinking beer is undoubtedly a tiring task, as there are so many gadgets built just to ease the process. PR2 humanoid robot, developed by folks at Willow Garage, can go to the fridge and deliver you a bottle of your choice. If your beer selection is not available, PR2 will alert you and let you pick another beer.

Automatic Stirring Mug


If you have ever felt frustrated because you spilled out your coffee while stirring, or you are simply too lazy to do that, you will immediately see the benefit of the automatic stirring mug. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the mug can stir your drink with just a press of a button.

Penguin Tea Timer


Via: Pop Gadget

Now you don’t even have to wait for your own tea. This ultra cute penguin has a built-in timer (1 to 20 mins), which you can set depending on how strong you want your tea. The penguin lowers the bag into the water and lifts it out when the time’s up.

Motorized Ice Cream Cone


Via: Shopatron

For some people, trying to lick the ice cream before it drips is the best part of eating ice cream. Yet to some people, turning the cone is such a burden. That’s why this motorized ice cream cone was invented.

Raking Machine


Via: Source

Designed by Rury Vizcarra, the Power Rake not only sucks up leafs like a vacuum cleaner for your front yard, but also has a conveyor belt system that moves the leaves towards the back and into a bag.

Solar Powered Lawn Automower


Muwi is an environment friendly and pet friendly auto-mower that can move about freely on a pre-wired green lawn while you are leisurely laying on the couch watching TV. Powered by solar energy, Muwi has zero carbon emission and about near zero noise pollution.


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