The World Of Lazy Einstiens

For all Lazy people, Here are the tricks as to how to google out easily and in a faster way

1 – Unit conversion

When you need to convert one unit of measurement to another, just type: 1 pint in litres, 1GB in MB or 12 inches in cm. You can also convert temperature, area, mass, speed and time.

Google search tricks - Unit conversion

2 – Currency conversion    

This works just like the unit converter, but with currencies. To get up to date exchange rates, simply type $100 in pounds, and Google will understand. You’ll also see a graph of the exchange rate for the last five years.

Google search tricks - Unit conversion

3 – Calculator

Google’s calculator can handle pretty complex sums, not just the simple division here. You could, for example, type 13*8+(sqrt 87)= and you’d immediately get the answer.

Google search tricks - Calculator

4 – Weather

Need a local 24-hour local weather forecast? Just type weather Dulwich London and you’ll get one. You can click the buttons to see the rainfall and wind speed and there’s a 7-day forecast underneath.

Google search tricks - Weather

5 – Films

Don’t spend time looking at each cinema’s website: just type films Canterbury to see what’s on locally. A map to the right shows where the cinemas are located, and you can click the trailer button if you’re not sure whether you’ll like the film.

Google search tricks - Films

6 – Hotels

Typing Hotels bude cornwall will bring up a ‘Hotels in Bude Cornwall on Google’ link with a short list below. Click the link to launch the handy Google hotel finder where you can narrow your search by price, star rating, amenities and more.

Google search tricks - Hotels

7 – Flight tracking

No need to visit an airline’s website: all you need to do is type the flight number and Google will show the details including departure and arrival times along with the airports and terminal numbers. It will also show the progress of a current flight and whether or not it’s delayed.

Google search tricks - Flight tracking

8 – Maps

You’re probably getting the hang of this, so we hardly need to explain that you merely need to type Stratford-upon-avon map to get a map of Stratford-upon-avon. Clicking the thumbnail will take you to Google maps.

Google search tricks - Maps

9 – Package tracking

A nifty time-saving trick is to copy and paste your UPS or Fedex package tracking number into Google’s search bar. Google will recognise which firm the number belongs to and all you need to do is to click the link to go straight to the company’s website to see where your parcel is.

Google search tricks - Package tracking

10 – Sports scores

Type the name of your favourite football team or sport and you can quickly see fixtures, scores and standings.

Google search tricks - Sports scores

Type f1 calendar, for example and you can also see the schedule, with recent winners and even the time the next couple of races will start (in your local time).

Google search tricks - Sports schedules

11 – Stock quotes

To see the stock value of a company, either type its name followed by stock, or its short name (MSFT for Microsoft or APPL for Apple) and you’ll see a graph along with the high and low figure for the period shown. The current value updates every few seconds.

Google search tricks - Stock quotes

Read more: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/features/internet/3453675/11-brilliant-tricks-search-google-faster/#ixzz2iXBkhAek



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